Corn Flour Bread (Broa de Milho) 500g

Corn Flour Bread (Broa de Milho) 500g

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Typical bread from the north region of Portugal. More dense than the others. Great with any kind of cheese.

Pão geralmente típico da zona do Norte. Mais denso que os outros. Óptimo para acompanhar qualquer tipo de queijo.

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Very typical bread from the North part of Portugal.

Usually eaten in special occasions and sometimes used to cook traditional Portuguese dishes.

It is a heavy and dense bread so you only need a couple of slices. It is especially good with pumpkin jam or strong flavor cheeses.

Suggestion: spread ricotta cheese on the bread, drizzle pumpkin jam and top it with walnuts.







Ingredientes: Farinha de Trigo, milho, centeio, água, sal, levedura.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, white corn, rye, water, salt, yeast.

配料:小麦粉,玉米粉 , 黑麥粉 , 水,盐,酵母.


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